Fiber Optic Replacement Service

Full 6 Month Warranty - Covering Materials and Workmanship

Includes (as needed): New Fiber Optic Rods • Replacement of Drive Air Screw and Manifold • Clearing of Exhaust Ports • New O-rings.

Midwest Tradition, Quiet-Air, and 8000 Kavo 630, 632, and 633 Star 430 SL, SWL NSK Alpha-Light S, Phatelus Healthco Kinetic Viper 36

Kavo with Factory Rods and Bundles: 642, 643,635, 640, 647,649, 2307L, 2307LN, 2320LN, 6000, 25LHA, NSK TiMax with Factory Rods and Bundles

Call today to schedule a pickup and receive a FREE copy of Easy Steps to Handpiece Maintenance.




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